Monday, 29 April 2013


The idea of a photo blog was probably not that clever. What do you do with a collection of about six thousand images garnered over fifty years and most of which are set in the west country?

Since there is no sensible answer to that question,. I am gradually putting some of them up on my website where anyone sufficiently interested can browse. Quite a few pages still carry the message "under construction" but I hope that these will be fewer as time goes on. Meanwhile, I will note additions here.

Meanwhile I have been playing with video. On the stocks at the moment are:

  • a short film about working and playing on Dartmoor with interviews with a thatcher, a National Park Ranger, a dry-stone waller on the work side with canoeists, skateboarders and tor climbers playing. 
  • an investigation into the power that was taken from rivers and into how we could still use that power today
  • a look at waterfalls - there are so many from tiny trickles dropping over a single stone to some quite terrifying cascades in some of our cleaves
  • Avian Antics which is just a bit of fun with a few of our local birds as the stars.
Here is just one of the snippets from the last to whet your appetites - or bore you silly, one or the other.